Chocolate Fondue!

Chocolate fondue is easy to make, fun and absolutely delicious to eat. People always ask what type of chocolate to use for the fondue? Well, make sure it is the best quality you can find. Read the ingredients because you don’t want to eat any trans fats or artificial junk, right? Stick with the natural products.

The chocolate for fondue should be mixed with heavy cream or milk to make the right consistancy. You can also use grapeseed oil, which doesn’t impart too much flavor on the chocolate like olive oil.  Heat the cream in a double boiler, break up the chocolate and mix it for the best results.  Easy as that!

Dolfin Dark Cafe

Dolfin Dark Cafe

Drexelius Chocolates has a great selection of wonderful all-natural chocolate to suit many tastes. Try one of the flavored bars for a twist!  Add Dolfin’s Cafe bar for a hint of coffee or the Dolfin Mint bar…yum! This is already getting to be too much!

Dolfin Dark Mint

Dolfin Dark Mint

Dipping selections are limitless. Try pineapple, orange slices, pound cake, salted pretzels, strawberries, biscotti, banana, grapes…explore the possibilities.  Have a great time enjoying your fondue and let us know how it goes!

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