Joseph Schmidt Closing It’s Doors!

Bad news for San Francisco and chocolate.  Hershey came, bought and dismantled.

Hershey, who makes the premium Bliss, Dagoba and Starbucks Chocolate brands, in addition to its better known brands such as Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s, is discontinuing production of Joseph Schmidt Confections and have sent a letter to customers saying the confections will not be sold after June 30, 2009.  This is part of a wider reorganization and comes a month after Hershey announced the closing of the San Francisco factory that makes Joseph Schmidt truffles.  The brand’s founder, Joseph Schmidt, will remain a Hershey employee.

It will also close the Berkeley, Calif., factory that makes the Scharffen Berger line and plans to continue production of Scharffen Berger chocolates at the Hershey plant in Robinson, Ill., where they say a new “bean-to-bar” operation will help expand Hershey’s premium products.  Let’s hope the quality of this new chocolate keeps pace with Scharffen Berger and not Hershey!

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