The Power of Pomegranate

Nirvana Dark PomegranateOne of the things I look for when buying chocolate is unique or different flavors.   So when I saw the Nirvana with Pomegranate bar I just had to try it!

First of all, Nirvana is an organic bar made with premium ingredients so that starts us off on the right foot.  The base of this all natural bar is the delicious creamy 72% Dark Nirvana chocolate, which is smooth and melts wonderfully on your tongue. 

Before you even open the wrapper you can smell the pomegranate.  For some reason, I doubted that the flavor would actually be as good as I imagined or hoped.  I thought it would be artificial and cloying.  Boy, was I wrong!!!  There are no pomegranate pieces in the bar, just pomegranate flavor.  The flavor is incredible and blends beautifully with the chocolate.

Have you tried this bar?  Tell me what you think!

Your tastebuds haven’t been blessed by this bar?  Savor this bar today from Drexelius Chocolates

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One Response to The Power of Pomegranate

  1. Anna C says:

    This is my favorite bar. Everyone was talking about it but I had to wait to try it since it seems it sells out so fast. Once I took one home, I shared it with friends and they promptly finished the bar off! I got another one for myself this time, not sharing. If they want more they can buy their own.

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