Stimulus and Taxes

If you can believe it, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally signed the California budget, which increases CA state taxes.  There is no change to CA gas tax, but it does increase the state sales tax 1%, vehicle licensing fees 1.15% and 0.25 of a percentage point on personal income taxes.  Tax refunds and billions of dollars in other payments that had been held up because the state could not cover the checks will soon be on track to be released.  So no IOUs for state tax refunds!  Woot!

Then I was getting my taxes done the other day so I asked my accountant about President Obama’s stimulus plan and how it will work.  Do we get a check like we did last year?  Not exactly.  Apparently, the government is going to reduce the amount of withholdings on our checks beginning May 1st.  This will leave an extra $10-15 in our pockets per paycheck instead of a lump sum that we may just stash in savings.

Thankfully, one thing that hasn’t been changed by all this is chocolate.  Chocolate does not have sales tax so the price you see is the price you pay.   If you have an extra $8, why not treat yourself to a little luxury or give someone you love a gift you know they will really enjoy?

Come to Drexelius Chocolates and see how affordable and delicious life really is!

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One Response to Stimulus and Taxes

  1. Anna C says:

    Getting some of my Nirvana Bars and trying new chocolates is where my 10 bucks is going 🙂 Not much else (in fact I cannot think of anything else) that is so amazing and that lasts me a few days that you can find for 10 dollars.

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