How to Select Great Dark Chocolate

When you are looking to eat chocolate, do you go for flavor or percentage?  Do you know how to select a good chocolate bar?

I thought I knew all about chocolate a few years ago, but I got a real education.  Chocolate has many facets and you really have to know what to look for to find the good stuff!  Best of all (at least to me) is that you have to try, try and try again!  Here are a few tips on how to select a premium dark chocolate bar:

Check the ingredients!
Any good product starts with quality ingredients.  Good dark chocolate bars will have a maximum of five things:

  • Cocoa liquor or cocoa mass – this is the actual “chocolate” from the cocoa bean
  • Cocoa butter – this is the other part of the cocoa bean and lends the creaminess to the bar
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla – watch out for Vanillin, which is artificial flavoring
  • Soya lecithin – this is a natural emulsifier

Some manufacturers have even smaller lists.  They leave out the soya lecithin because of allergens with soy.  Some also leave out vanilla because they believe it interferes with the true taste of the chocolate.  Check your labels and see what your favorite bars say!

This is not to say that all dark chocolate bars with the list of items above will all be “premium” because they could still be over-processing their cocoa, which removes health benefits from the cocoa bean. If your dark chocolate ingredients:

  • Start with sugar, then there will be a low percentage of actual chocolate in the bar.
  • Include Dutch (processed, Alkalized) cocoa, put it down!
  • Have palm kernel oil or any other processed fat, put it down!
  • Include milk or lactose in the ingredients, put it down!  (now it is a milk chocolate)

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