New Chocolate Arrivals – Claudio Corallo!

Drexelius Chocolates is proud to start offering Claudio Corallo chocolate this week.  He makes all his chocolate bean-to-bar and all of his products are biodynamic.  I’m very excited to bring his chocolate to you!

claudio_logoOne of the Claudio bars was voted Best Chocolate on the Planet by Best Life Magazine (Feb `09).  This is the 70% with Nibs, also referred to as Soft.  There is nothing soft about this bar!  The nibs are crunchy and nutty, which pair wonderfully with the 70% dark chocolate.  Buy it now!

The other bar has crystallized orange.  The citrus and chocolate are a tasty combination.  Claudio even grows the oranges for this bar, which means your product is all Claudio.  Buy it now!

Finally, we have a box set of chocolate covered coffee beans.  Claudio grows three distinctly different coffees on his islands and covers them with 100% chocolate for a truly indulgent experience.  Buy it now!

Taste the new line of Claudio Corallo chocolate and tell me what you think!

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