Favorite Childhood Desserts

I have loved chocolate all my life.  Some of my favorite desserts from childhood are: 

*decadent chocolate cupcakes with coconut topping
*wonderful chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting
*homemade chocolate chip cookies

My mom didn’t skimp on or substitute ingredients.  She used real butter (or Crisco when the recipe asked for it) and never hesitated to add a little extra chocolate for good measure.  Licking the bowl was my absolute pleasure and she made sure to leave a bit in the bowl for me to enjoy.  Not like I hadn’t already tasted some while baking!

My mom showed me a lot of basic skills in the kitchen but also taught me some other things.  I learned how to enjoy good food and to make good food you need good ingredients.  She also taught me you need to share what you love. 

Share some of your favorite desserts from childhood and let’s continue having good food together!

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