Using the Net for Traceability

Once there was a time when you knew the people or place where your food came from.  It might be a market right up the road that grew it’s own vegetables for sale or a local shop that bakes bread in town.  You could ask questions about how they did things or why they used the ingredients they used.

Nowadays it feels like the food we eat is from a distant land of unknown containing hard to pronounce ingredients that sound more like a science project than something to eat.

Well, some in the food industry are trying to change that.  Even though the world we live in is large, we can keep up with each other through the net.  So some companies are beginning to put tracking labels on their products so we can keep tabs on where it came from or who is making it for us.  Neat, huh?  Some people think it will make food producers be a little more safety conscious as well knowing they are being “watched.”  Others are happy to give some faces to the big production world and recreate the close relationships that once were.

For example, Askinosie Chocolate, a popular brand on Drexelius Chocolates, has codes that you enter on their website to virtually visit the cocoa bean farms and read journal entries by the farmers.  Original Beans gives you a lot number to enter on their site to visit the location of the bar you purchased where reforestation efforts are being done to ensure future generations of cacao harvests.

Keep an eye out for these labels.  Put a face to the place where your food is coming from!

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