Whiskey and Chocolate

This weekend we had a little fun in the kitchen.

Did it involve chocolate, you ask?  Of course it did!

We mixed up a batch of chocolate deliciousness in the form of Country Oatmeal Cookies.  These half oatmeal, half Stranahan's_whiskeycookie treats are just the right mix of heaven that let you enjoy the cookie while giving you the healthy yum of oatmeal.  We added a little twist this weekend by doing a special tasting with them.  My friend Lydia was visiting from Colorado and brought us a bottle of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey–> the first-ever Colorado born small batch whiskey.  So this made it the perfect time for a whiskey and chocolate pairing!  I will tell you right off I am not a whiskey connoisseur, but I found Stranahan’s buttery and smooth and it matched nicely with the decadent dark chocolate in the oatmeal cookies.

When pairing the whiskey and cookies, I was informed the cookies should be right out of the oven for maximum effect so the warm chocolate can permeate your senses, but these delicious homemade cookies were perfect at any temperature.  Take a sip of whiskey, enjoy some cookie and then a little more whiskey.  This allows the flavors to mingle on the palette.  We had a blast doing this event and I can tell you this is just the first of our whiskey/chocolate tastings.

Keep in touch to see what the next our next chocolate tasting will bring and let us know if you have had one of your own!

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