If anyone knows me, you know I love to share, efficiency and things that are beneficial.

I practice reduce/reuse/recycle because it is beneficial to the environment.  I grow my own vegetables because they save money and taste incredible plus I can share the results with family and friends.  I just recently ripped out my grass in both the front and back yard and made it mulch, native plants and succulents.  Part of that is efficiency, part is beneficial.  I don’t want to spend a beautiful day in the yard slaving over the grass when I can tend the yard once or twice a month with mulch and natives.  I have better things to do with my time and resources!

I’m doing my best to reduce my footprint, but there are some things that are harder to offset like when I take a CarbonFund.orgbusiness trip or when I ship incredibly delicious chocolate to a customer.  To offset what I can’t, Drexelius Chocolates has partnered with to support projects that promote global warming solutions and help provide us cleaner air and cleaner energy.  We are doing our part locally and is helping globally.  Together we share the effort.  And you know I love to share!

Earth Day is April 22.  Visit and share with the world.

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