Chocolate Bloom

It’s springtime and things are blooming.  The trees are getting their leaves.  Flowers are showing off their colors.  Things make us happy when they bloom!

Except chocolate.

But what exactly is bloom on chocolate?  And does it mean the chocolate is not any good any more?

There are two different types of chocolate bloom:  moisture and heat.

Sugar bloom is from “chocolate sweat.”  When the chocolate is exposed to moisture this causes the sugar on the surface of the chocolate to dissolve and the crystals remain on the surface.  For this reason, chocolate should be stored in an area of low humidity when possible.  If stored in a cool location like a fridge or freezer, wrap the chocolate in a towel and allow it to slowly come back to room temperature to lessen the chance of sugar bloom.

Fat bloom is similar to sugar bloom except that this time it is from the fat (or cocoa butter) separating out from the chocolate.  This is also caused by quick temperature changes and storage issues.

Both types of bloom do not cause any harm to the chocolate and will not affect the taste, although the sugar bloomed chocolate may be a little more grainy than usual on the outside.  It may not look as pretty, but it is still good to eat!

Thank you for continuing to support great chocolate.

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