Chocolate in Brooklyn


Mast Brothers Chocolate

Mast Brothers Chocolate

I was going to visit NY so I started looking up chocolate places I wanted to visit for research.  Some friends live in Brooklyn and luckily there was an article that came out very recently that helped me on my search.  The article was called Brooklyn’s New Culinary Movement (by Oliver Schwaner-Albright in the New York Times, Feb 24, 2009).  It outlines several artisan food producers and sellers in the Brooklyn area that work as a community to support each others efforts.


I will share my travels with you in the coming weeks.  I was fortunate enough to visit quite a few of the shops, but the ones I didn’t get to see will be on my list for next time, which I hope will be soon!


One highlight was my visit to Mast Brothers Chocolate.  I heard about the Brothers and was able to buy their chocolate in San Francisco when I went to the Fancy Food Show in January this year.  Join me as I talk more about my Mast Brother’s visit in my next post…

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