May Fair and Churros

Ferris WheelThis past weekend the fair came to town.  I live in an area that is blessed with great weather so we don’t have to wait for summer to get the party started, but it seems that most festivals and fairs are held in May-September.


When I mentioned going to the fair to get churros my friend suggested we go a step further by having churros and chocolate.  Hmmmm…deep fried dough and chocolate?  Sounds excellent!


So off we went to the fair.  I live in a small town of 14,000 so it felt like the whole town was in one area for the night.  The lights could be seen and music could be heard all over our small town.  They had some really wonderful food stands, but we were on a mission –> churros.  



Rogue Chocolatier Rio Caribe

Rogue Chocolatier Rio Caribe



I was already plotting which chocolate to have it with in my head.  It was a toss-up between Askinosie Davao and Rogue Chocolatier Rio Caribe.  Rogue won out this time, but the Davao is on deck for the next churro!  Rio Caribe is a nice deep dark chocolate bar that I couldn’t wait to melt and get to dipping!




We cruised the fairgrounds, found the churros and brought them home.  I melted the Rogue bar in a double-boiler and sat down to enjoy.


The churros were still warm when we dipped them in the melted Rio Caribe bar.  It was fantastic!  


I highly recommend it 🙂

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