Brooklyn Chocolate – Jacques Torres

While in Brooklyn and Manhattan, I made it a point to stop at a lot of chocolate places.  I know what you are thinking…how many could there be?  Well, there are quite a few in NY, thankfully!  I have had a chance to visit some places previously while at the summer Fancy Food Show, but this time I was on a mission and mapped out a plan of places I wanted to see/taste.


One of the stops happened on accident.  We were on our way to the Mast Brothers, but they weren’t open until noon.  So we decided to cruise around DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  They have a great flea market on Sundays, but we were there on Saturday so we missed out on the scavenger hunt and the chocolate ice cream by Fine & Raw Chocolate.  Bummer.


Jacques Torres LogoAs we roamed the streets, we came upon the Jacques Torres store that is in DUMBO.  Bonus!  This was not originally on my tour, but as long as we are here…


So we go inside and take a look.  There are treats galore.  Chocolate covered Cherrios and Corn Flakes, Wicked Hot Chocolate, Malt Balls (a weak spot of mine) and chocolate bars.  They have the room where it all happens right next door that you view right through the looking glass.  No one was making chocolate that day, but it was Saturday!  I looked around at all the goodness and decided on the House Selection 60% dark chocolate bar to see what the bars are like.


The House Selection bar says, “If stranded on an island, this is all you need.”  It is the chocolate from which they make almost everything in the shop.  So it will give me a good idea of what his stuff is like.  Upon tasting the bar, I had an odd sensation that I had tasted this before.  Then a friend said, “It’s like a Fudgesicle.”  Exactly!  It has that Fudgesicle flavor.  I would probably take more than that if stranded on an island, but it’s a start 🙂

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1 Response to Brooklyn Chocolate – Jacques Torres

  1. sheemi says:

    I’m coming to NY for my holidays this year, I’m def going to visit Jacques Torres!

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