Chocolate Heaven Exists at Bouchon Bakery

As I was reading about the places for me to go in Manhattan for chocolate, I came across a place that was a must-do.  The chef/owner of the French Laundry (Thomas Keller) has a pastry shop called Bouchon Bakery.  It overlooks Columbus Circle and is right next to Central Park.  The view that day was spec-tac-ular.  The food was even better!

yum_creamI had been tasting my fill of chocolate as we progressed through the city that day, but I knew I had to pace myself so I was keeping a stash of chocolate in my bag for later.  Lucky for me I had enough room for this impressive place.  At first I thought I was going to share the chocolate souffle, but it never moved from in front of me.  I almost forgot to take a photo before devouring the whole thing!  The ladies at the next table were so impressed by my reaction to the souffle that they told the waiter, “We’ll have what she’s having.”

The souffle arrived in short order.  No joke.  Usually they take a while after you order, but this one came rather quickly, which made me worry at first.  How could they make it so fast and have it be good?  Well, they must have a magic genie in the kitchen because it came out quickly and incredibly yummy!


You are given instructions to sink your long-handled spoon into the beautifully prepared souffle and make a well, which you fill with the divinely thick cream.  You are told to let it sit for a minute, but I couldn’t (maybe next time!).  I dove right in and it was at this point I realized I hadn’t taken a picture.  The souffle was light and chocolaty and decadent and dreamy.  Excited to go back and have it again!

If you don’t want to wait until you travel to New York City to try this delightful treat, check out the wonderful selection of chocolate at Drexelius Chocolates and tantalize your taste buds today.  They’ll thank you for it.

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