Brownie Battle

It was a friend’s birthday and since we are both partial to brownies I decided to make them for the celebration.  Then I had a dilemma…which one’s to make?  I have an easy go-to box brand that I love, but is not all natural.  Then I found an all natural, whole wheat brand while at the store.  My mom always made them from scratch.  So I decided to do all three and see which came out on top.

Brownie BattleContestant #1 is Baker Mills Kodiak Cakes 100% whole grain, all natural Big Bear Brownies.  The ingredients don’t have any artificial junk or fats.  Plus they are Double Chocolate!

Contestant #2 is Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix (with Hershey’s Special Dark syrup pouch).  It lists many artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, but they always come out tasting great.

Contestant #3 will be made from scratch using a recipe from a gift from my friend, Renee.  I have wanted to try these brownies for some time.  The ingredients are all things I have in the house…all natural and fresh.  Plus I will use Claudio Corallo as the base chocolate.


Brownie results#1:  The Big Bear Brownies had a rough, grainy texture.  Smells like a wholesome, natural brownie.  Tasty, but the chocolate was lost in the texture.  Not very fudgy.

#2:  The addition of the Special Dark syrup helps to make these dark, chewy and fudgy, but they are slightly cakey as well.  They don’t really have as much of a chocolate taste as they do a sweet taste, which lingers for some time after having one.

#3:  Oh, my!  The brownies with the Claudio Corallo chocolate had to go back in the oven twice.  The toothpick came clean both times, but it seemed they were not fully cooked.  Maybe it was the chocolate oozing out of the brownies???  These taste sooooooo good.  They are moist and gooey and fudgy and yummy and incredibly delicious.  You can smell  and taste the chocolate in these awesome brownies.  The recipe does not call for much flour, which makes these very dense and delicious.  The top is a baked a little more giving it an interesting crunch while underneath is dark and moist. 🙂


The Betty Crocker are the least expensive, especially when they are on sale at the market.  The Kodiak Cakes are about double that.  You can make great homemade brownies using natural ingredients, but the cost depends on what chocolate you use.  I went all out and used some really wonderful chocolate so these homemade brownies cost about 4 times more than the Betty Crocker mix, just for the chocolate alone.  But once you taste these awesome Claudio Corallo brownies you know it was worth it…

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