We’ve Got New Chocolate!

Drexelius ChocolatesWe are truly excited to have the chance to share wonderful, delicious chocolate.  This week we have some newcomers for your selection and the return of some customer favorites:


Nirvana is back with their heavenly and incredibly delicious Pomegranate, Sea Salt and Caramel and Dark chocolate bars.  I also picked up the Nirvana Milk to try something new and it doesn’t disappoint!  Check out this customer favorite and get yours today!


We recently talked about the Amano’s new bar in this post.  We were lucky to get some of this limited edition bar, Montanya, which is made with rare beans grown in the mountains.  Amano Chocolate is a wonderful American artisan chocolate maker who brings pleasure to our palate.    Their Madagascar bar was recently rated Best Chocolate on the Planet by Best Life magazine.  Order Amano and taste American chocolate at its finest!


Our chocolate selection can be overwhelming with all the wonderful choices.  Still not sure what to order for yourself or your friend?  Contact us and we’ll help you choose some chocolate that brings pure happiness 🙂

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