Verē nice!

Another bar I picked up while in NY was Verē (pronounced very), which is a Manhattan-based chocolate company.  They promote sustainability and pride themselves on using all natural ingredients to make a healthy, delicious bar.


We were at Marlow and Sons checking out the store when I saw the bars.  So I got the Espresso + Anise 75% bar to sample.  I was not disappointed.

We took all of the wonderful chocolate samples home and broke them out for tasting.  Actually, two of our party went to nap while two of us stayed up to eat chocolate!  Lucky us 🙂

This bar hit you right as soon as you opened the wrapper.  The strong scent of espresso was unmistakable with only a hint of anise, which was reflected in the taste as well.  I do like the chocolate to have some presence, but it was overpowered in this bar by the espresso.  The bar was still extremely tasty and had a great texture so for those of you who enjoy strong coffee or espresso this bar will hit the spot.  Or check out these items from Drexelius Chocolates for some more great coffee selections.

The Pure Dark 70% bar I got for my friend did not fare as well.  It had an ash taste and was not Verē good!

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