Drexelius Chocolates has Original Beans

Original BeansI was up in San Francisco for a little research trip and discovered a bar that I was not familiar with so I bought it.  Right before we left for dinner I cracked open the rough box of the Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest, which comes from Bolivia.  The bar was beautiful.  It glistened in the light.  It had a wonderful aroma…what?  Oh, right, dinner.  I popped it in my mouth as I went out the door and was delighted by the rich flavor and creamy smoothness of the bar.  The next morning I gave the bar another taste.  Yes, it really was that good.

Original Beans believes the most important things in purchasing product is reliability and quality.  Their specialty chocolate demands a high quality product that they can rely on, which is why they maintain a good line of communication with their producers.  Original Beans works to preserve the bean’s native habitats and prevent further deforestation.  For every bar you buy they will plant a tree in the region of the bean’s origin, which you can learn more about using the lot number on your bar via their site.  They have recyclable packaging, offset their fossil fuel use and use renewable energy in the production of their chocolate.   Not bad for a young chocolate company, eh?

Some may balk at the cost of the bar, but there are other chocolate bars that cost less and don’t give half as much back to the planet.  Original Beans bases its business on true cost pricing, which means ALL costs are being considered when pricing the product.  Check out this article on the true cost of chocolate and decide for yourself.

Drexelius Chocolates is proud to be first online source to offer Original Beans.  Check out our current selection and enjoy some today!

If you want to find out more about this new company, check out the Original Beans bio on Drexelius Chocolates.

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