Nunu Chocolates

I was not even twelve hours into my trip to Brooklyn and I was already knee-deep in chocolate.  Not bad!

Nunu_logoWe decided to journey out to see the shops on my list and stay close to home on the first day.  When we hit Marlow and Sons I found a few things I hadn’t come across before, mainly because they were Brooklyn-based companies.  Nunu Chocolates was one of them.  The box of chocolate covered grahams called out to me.  I wanted them.

I could not have picked better.  They are just the right marriage of crunchy graham and delicious chocolate with a hint of salt.  The box did not last the night…

Nunu_caramelThe chocolates are all natural and individually handmade with the finest ingredients. Drexelius Chocolates is excited to be bringing this acclaimed Brooklyn chocolatier on board to include in our unique chocolate selection.  You can currently find the chocolate covered grahams in stock, as well as hand dipped salt caramels.  Don’t they look just absolutely divine???  Enjoy these incredibly tasty treats today and order more tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Nunu Chocolates

  1. Janice Juergens says:

    WOW!! When I heard about the caramels, I knew I had to try them. They are so fresh and the salt compliments the chocolate and caramel perfectly. They are so delicious, I can’t stop thinking about having another!!

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