Keeping It Clean With SanTasti

I was getting ready for a chocolate tasting event.  For the tasting event I bring a palate cleanser to help keep each chocolate tasting fresh for each round.  Along with water and coffee beans, I usually have a nice locally crafted bread cut into bite size morsels that doesn’t leave much flavor or residue in your mouth like a cracker or pretzel tends to do.  The thing I don’t like is that it takes time to cut the bread into manageable pieces (I don’t need guests filling up on it) and it is hard to keep the bread fresh once exposed to air.  So I decided to look for an alternative.

I searched the Internet for palate cleansers and came up with a few possible solutions:  sparkling water with a twist of citrus, gelato, celery, parsley.  Celery seems too crunchy and filling.  Gelato would have to stay chilled and dishing it out may be a concern if there is a large party.  Parsley might work and the sparkling water might do the trick, too.  I already use flat water in my tastings, but maybe this would be a step in the right direction…

SanTasti LogoThen I hit upon SanTasti.  This recently born company says their product was created to enhance the tasting experience and to be an effective palate cleanser.  The founders created it after particpating in a wine competition at a local festival.  How could all these wines be judged fairly when there is the possibility of palate fatigue and no effective or standard palate cleanser being used.  Enter SanTasti, which is “scientifically designed to restore the balance of your palate.”  Well then, we’ll just have to give it a try!

Make sure to come back to see how this product fared in our product taste tests with wine and chocolate 🙂

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