Man v. Machine

People ask me quite often what chocolate I think is the best chocolate around.  This is tough for me to answer because there are so many great chocolate bars.  I really like a lot of them and it is hard to pick one as my favorite. 

Quality Chocolate
As a matter of fact, several people can taste the same chocolate and experience it very differently.  Just like movie critics, you have to find a reviewer that meshes with your tastes. 

But now there is a machine that will check the quality of the chocolate without having to worry about human variability.  The machine breaks down the chocolate into particle size to determine mouth feel.  The smaller the particles, the higher the mouth feel and the machine will give it higher quality ratings.

After thinking about this process and the many different bars I have enjoyed, I think they are focusing a little too narrowly on the tasting process and excluding the other wonderful factors that go into deciding what makes a good bar -> mainly aroma and flavor.  Taza is a perfect example of why this machine fails in my opinion.  This American-made stone-ground chocolate has a gritty, natural texture and is delicious.  There have been several chocolate bars that have a smooth texture, which tasted okay or not so good.  I applaud this comany for its efforts, but there is more to determining quality chocolate than particle size and mouth feel.

Explore the incredible chocolate Drexelius Chocolates has to offer, taste and decide for yourself!

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