Frascati’s Bread Pudding

This year the Fourth of July happened to fall on a weekend, which gave some of us a three-day holiday…Yipeeeee!  To celebrate, I ventured off to one of my favorite nearby cities –> San Francisco.  While there I explored some hidden treasures of Chinatown, bought fresh fortune cookies and enjoyed incredible tea.

Frascati bread puddingLater that evening we were looking for a place to eat, but were having a hard time getting a reservation because either the restaurants were closed for the holiday or they were booked solid.  Luckily, Yelp came to the rescue and delivered our saving grace –> Frascati.  Yelp reviewers basically told me Frascati is simply yummy and when I saw raves about their chocolate bread pudding I decided that this was the place for me that night.  I picked up the phone, dialed and secured a reservation.  It was meant to be 🙂

Well, I don’t want to bore you with all the details of our delicious dinner of gnocchi followed by incredible duck and salmon main courses.  Let’s get to the dessert!  Some chocolate desserts leave you wanting…this dish satisfied me to the core.  The warm, dense bread pudding oozed dark chocolate and hid crunchy nuts.  The drizzle of creamy caramel and glob of hazelnut ice cream were the sinfully sweet additions that rounded out this awesome dessert.

If you find yourself in the Bay Area for any reason, I highly recommend this gem of a restaurant.  Let me know how you like it.  Meanwhile, I’ll be in the kitchen trying to make my own chocolate bread pudding!

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