Chocolate Is Good For Us!

Breakfast of Champions!

Breakfast of Champions!

You know you wished for it, too.  When I was a kid, I could think of nothing more satisfying than having a diet of french fries and chocolate.  The picture to the left does a fine job of showing us what breakfast would be like!  Alas, we know all too well that it is best to have everything in moderation (shucks), but at least we are finally hearing the good news that chocolate is really good for us as long as you are eating the good stuff…

Chocolate is well-known for being rich in healthy antioxidants, which protect not only the heart but the brain, too.  It contains twice the amount as red wine and five times that of green tea, depending on variety.  So eat up and boost your heart and brain power!

Here are a few other benefits:

Cocoa butter is a heart-healthy fat that does not raise cholesterol levels.

Flavanols in chocolate increase blood flow to the brain.  Got a test?  A headache?  Eat some chocolate!

It is important to look for high quality dark chocolate with cocoa solids and cocoa butter as the main ingredients.  You don’t want over-roasted, over-processed beans that have all the life and energy taken out of them only to be replaced with artificial flavors and additives, do you?  Neither do I 🙂

The premium chocolate makers at Drexelius Chocolates are micro-manufacturers who carefully monitor the chocolate making process to ensure the finest results.  Enjoy some of the best chocolate in the world at Drexelius Chocolates and reap the benefits today!

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