Nickel Diner Desserts

I keep hearing all these great things about the desserts at Nickel Diner in L.A.  So this past weekend we made it out to the diner and it was a good thing we were hungry.  Not only are their desserts delish, but their food rocks, too!  We started off our meal with a little appetizer called the Maple Bacon Donut followed by a spicy pulled pork sandwich and stuffed avacado with quinoa salad, which were all incredible.  Thankfully we still had room left for dessert 🙂

Pastry chef Sharlena Fong makes choosing a dessert difficult.  Hmmm…what to choose.  The homemade Pop Tart or Ding Dong?  Or how about the decadent Dulce de leche or heavenly cheesecake?  Maybe the s’mores cake?  Well, you know I am a sucker for chocolate so I chose the following:  the Red Velvet cake and Chocolate Crunch cake.

Red Velvet 5cDinerThe Red Velvet is a beautiful cake.  Brilliant red and shocking white.  Do you see those little dark spots in the cake?  Sharlena makes this eye candy with Valrhona “Les Perles Croquantes” to add a crispy crunch to an otherwise “normal” cake.  The cake and frosting blend harmoniously, deliciously, bite after bite after crunchy bite.  Absolutely delicious!

Crunch cake Nickel DinerAlongside this elegant treat we also had the Chocolate Crunch, which was created by Sharlena for Nickel Diner’s chef Monica May who would enjoy her cake, but then go looking for a salty treat of potato chips to satisfy another craving.  This led Sharlena to create the Chocolate Crunch cake, which has potato chips and chunky peanut butter layered in between the wonderful layers of cake.  Mildly salty, crunchiness from peanuts and chips, fresh chocolate cake and frosting.  The mind and tastebuds explode when savoring this cake!

If you are ever in downtown L.A. and are looking for a real treat or if you just want to have a great meal, head to Nickel Diner.  You will be extremely happy you did!

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