Chocolate Milk and Working Out

Chocolate Milk_DCThe American College of Sports Medicine had their annual meeting and a study was presented discussing the best way to recover after a hard workout.  So you’re done with a hard workout and reaching for something to drink, but what to have?  Good old water?  Or maybe Gatorade?  How about chocolate milk?  Wait…what?  That’s right, chocolate milk.

Research has found that chocolate milk’s carbs and protein are perfect for replenishing tired muscles.  It also has a  high water content that replaces fluids lost as sweat, preventing dehydration.  This wonderful drink gives an added nutritional bonus of calcium, and includes just a little sodium and sugar — both of which can help athletes retain water and regain energy, which are important in the recovery process.  Remember to keep the drink nonfat.

It’s worth noting that polyphenols in chocolate bind to the protiens in dairy solids, which makes the polyphenols unavailable to your body.  This is why it is better for you to enjoy quality dark chocolate, instead of milk or cheap dark chocolate that can contain milk solids.

Still, enjoying a glass of chocolate milk instead of heading to the drinking fountain or dousing yourself with Gatorade after your workout sounds like a delicous trade-off!

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