SanTasti – The Wine Test

As mentioned in our last post, SanTasti got my attention when I was looking to get a new palate cleanser.  So now I am testing the product with some friends to find out if it really does what it says.  We followed the instructions that were given to us by SanTasti, but also decided to add two other palate cleansers into the mix to see how the SanTasti stacked up.

SanTasti tastingWe included straight tonic water and sparkling mineral water with a light twist of lime.  This way we would be able to tell if the SanTasti was just as good as or better than some other typical palette cleansers.  The tonic water has quinine that gives it a unique flavor, but it also contains citric acid just like the SanTasti.  Let’s see how it turned out…

wine for tastingWe did our tasting with a red and white wine, just as suggested.  They said we would be able to go from white to red and back to white with the help of SanTasti.  The red definitely changed the white wine if we didn’t have any palate cleanser.  The smoothness of this white wine was lost.  I could feel the acidity of the white wine shooting up my nose.

We tested the SanTasti first.  I took a small sip, not a huge gulp and I didn’t swish it around or anything fancy.  I tried the white again and voila!  The clean, smooth taste of the white wine was back and was not riding up into my nasal passages.  Nice!

We repeated the process for the citrus water and tonic water.  The citrus water did nothing.  It was pleasant to drink, but the wine did not taste the same.  The tonic water was an experience for me.  I have never drank tonic water so the quinine was a new taste for my palate and to tell you the truth I am not really excited to try it again.  I will say that the tonic water did a good job of making the white wine taste a little more like it did originally, but it didn’t do the trick.

SanTasti is refreshing and almost has no taste to interfere with whatever you are enjoying.  They made a believer out of me when it comes to wine.  Next up…the chocolate tasting!

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