Chocolate Maya Truffles

We drove to Santa Barbara this weekend and stopped in to Chocolate Maya for a visit.  This great little store has a nice variety of chocolate bars and also sells truffles.  We decided to try some of the truffles which are made by the shop’s owner –> Maya.  We selected a few truffles that were beautifully made and begging to be eaten.  The mint was the first to go.  It was not what I expected.  I thought I was chewing an extremely fresh piece of spearmint gum or on a mint leaf straight from my yard.  The mint didn’t blend well with the chocolate and was really too strong for my liking.

I was smart to ask about the consistency of the caramel with salt truffle.   I usually bite into my truffle, but with this one I just popped the whole thing in my mouth.  Good thing I did or the extremely runny caramel center would have been all over the place.  The salt sprinkled on top is in large chunks and looks pretty contrasting against the dark chocolate, but overpowers the taste of the truffle.

Spicy truffle Chocolate MayaOn to the dark spicy truffle.  I have tasted my share of spicy chocolate bars and truffles.  There are not many that balance the spice and chocolate well.  Either they overwhelm the chocolate with too much spice or it barely exists.  After tasting the other two truffles, I was a little hesitant with this one because they were deceivingly strong.  I prepared myself for a spicy onslaught, but found it was not needed.  The truffle has a nice thick center and crisp coating.  The spice comes on nicely and doesn’t attack your senses.  Well done, Maya!

Drexelius Chocolates has incredibly delicious chocolate to suit different tastes without being too much or just a whisper.  Check out our current selection and give your taste buds a real treat!

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