Free Chocolate Friday – July `09

Congratulations to Richelle, this month’s winner of Free Chocolate Friday!

Drexelius ChocolatesMost of us have heard about Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act.  They are giving free bars of their chocolate each Friday.  Funny thing is they were just following our lead.  You already know we don’t offer up just any chocolate…Drexelius Chocolateshas the most



all natural

premium chocolate from the most amazing chocolate makers in the world!  It’s a good thing Richelle didn’t let this great deal pass her by!

Have you signed up?  If you have, tell your friends and share the winnings!

Past winners have enjoyed the following bars (up to $7 free):

BruCo Salt — Love salty sweet?  This bar will hit the spot!

Taza Salted Almond — Great eaten raw or as a mixed drink!

Nirvana Dark w Pomegranate — Customer Top Pick!

Sign up for Free Chocolate Friday today and get the chance for some free chocolate that will not only make you say mmmm, but WOW!

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