Cost Plus Chocolate

Cost Plus Chili & Lime ChocolateI went to Cost Plus and saw some World Market chocolate bars.  I hadn’t had the pleasure of tasting these before so I chose one that sounded interesting:  The Dark Chocolate Chili and Lime.  I was meeting up with some friends that night and thought it would be a great treat for all of us.  Little did I know the kind of reaction it would bring!

I brought out the bar and some people recoiled at the idea, but were willing to try it anyway.  Let me tell you what I thought about the bar first –> the chocolate is sweet and creamy without any discerning flavor…the chocolate gets lost in the chili flavor.  The bar is a little gritty and the lime is mellow…you really have to search for the lime flavor.  I was expecting more lime, but got more heat.  The spice has different impact levels –> it can be tame or really overpowering.  Both ways it lingers for some time after eating a piece.

When my friends ate the bar that night the reactions ranged from “Yuck!  That’s disgusting!” to “It’s not bad.”  No one really enjoyed the bar or asked for more.

Are you a fan of spicy chocolate, but are afraid of what you might get?  Not to worry…Drexelius Chocolates has already selected the very best spicy chocolate for you!  Buy some today!

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