Drexelius Chocolates Supports Carbonfund.org

Drexelius Chocolatesand 1200 other businesses are partnered with Carbonfund.orgby  participating in their CarbonFree Partner Program.  We might be different in size or structure, but we share a goal of being a part of the solution that reduce pollution today, lead to market transformation tomorrow and benefit local communities.

With our support, Carbonfund.org has been able to:

  • Reforest 1,870 acres in Louisiana, while protecting the Louisiana Black Bear and other species.
  • Conserve over 3,000 acres of Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.
  • Reduce methane greenhouse gas emmisions in California, New York and New England.
  • Build truck stop electrification projects that reduce tailpipe emissions across the country.
  • Support the generation of wind power in the US.

Carbonfund.org globe

These projects are reducing nearly 5 (five) billion pounds of carbon dioxide, which makes a true impact on climate change.  Plus they are fostering new jobs and technology for today’s and future generations.

Join today to create a cleaner tomorrow!

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