Raw Chocolate…Revisited

RawChoc_MacaBarA few weeks ago I got the chance to try a raw chocolate bar by a company out in New York called Fine&Raw (click here to read the previous post).  As I was standing in line at a store a couple weeks ago I noticed a raw bar by a California company Rightously Raw that looked interesting.   The pretty metallic paper packaging caught my eye and the organic ingredients were intriguing so I picked it up to try it out.

Upon opening the package I knew this was going to be a different bar.  The chocolate is light in color, more like a milk chocolate.  The bar breaks easily and reveals the raw truffle that is hidden inside.  The raw fruit in the truffle –> Hunza raisin, dates, maca powder — is strong both in smell and taste and is quite overpowering.  I took two bites of this bar and did not want another.  Like I said before, I will continue to try raw chocolate bars to see what the hype is all about.  I still do not see the attraction.

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