Eat Chocolate??? Just Inhale!

I hear the arguement all the time –> people feel guilty about eating chocolate.  Regardless of the many benefits linked to quality chocolate, they think the calories are going to be the end of them.  Well, a Harvard man named David Edwards has engineered a calorie-free way for you to enjoy chocolate!

Le WhifIt’s called Le Whif (subdue your laughter here) and it comes in single serve foil packages.  It’s a mini plastic inhaler that shoots a mist into your mouth that mimicks the experience of the real thing…well, almost!  It comes in one of three flavors:  mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, or plain chocolate.  You supposedly get about three or four good “whiffs” out of the inhaler, which look like a lipstick tube.

So what is the point?  David thinks humans have been moving toward smaller portions over the course of history and it is only a matter of time before we are inhaling our food.  I am not kidding when he says, “Breathing is eating.” (  Get ready to inhale your steak and carrots, too!

I never really jumped onto the liquid diet fad and personally enjoy eating…with my teeth.  And you all know I love chocolate.  So what about his new invention?  First of all, many chocolate bars are now wrapped in eco-friendly material so disposal of the waste is not a big concern.  Once we are done with Le Whif, we have two items to get rid of:  the foil wrapping and the plastic inhaler.  As far as the product itself, it may have the aroma of hot chocolate, but it doesn’t have the decadent, velvety mouthfeel of wonderful chocolate that we all know and enjoy.  Dang.  Now I need chocolate!

Come with me to Drexelius Chocolates and TASTE the world’s best all natural chocolate today!

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