Jade Chocolates – Mahal

Jade Chocolate 72% MahalJade Chocolates is a new chocolate company in San Francisco, California, which opened their doors in January of 2008.  Their bars were all interesting, but I decided on the Mahal, which is a 72% blended dark chocolate with ylang ylang, Indonesian cinnamon and coconut.  I was really intrigued by the different flavor combinations in all the Jade bars, but I haven’t seen too many bars using coconut so that is what won me over.

The packaging is a beautiful handmade paper from the mountains of Nepal that is soft like silk.  The bar is thick and the pattern itself is molded like a work of art.  It looks like windows or blocks, but it is really a bar.  The aroma has a delicate sweetness, which you would expect given that there is coconut in the mix.
Mahal chocolate bar

Tasting the bar was interesting.  The bar had a nice, medium melt.  As it melted you could feel a few bits of stuff in the chocolate, but it didn’t really reveal itself when bitten or pressed with the tongue.  The bar has a gentle sweetness.  Ylang ylang is a small, fragrant flower from the fast-growing cananga tree, which is native to the Philippines and Indonesia.  The bright, flowery notes of this flower did not come through at all in my tastings.  The cinnamon was also very hard to discern, if at all.  The flavors blended together to make another earthy, sweet flavor.  Not unpleasant.  But not exciting either.

Ingredients:  72% cacao (cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, vanilla beans), natural coconut, ground cinnamon, ylang ylang oil.

I know this is a young company so I look forward to trying more Jade Chocolates as the chocolate progresses.   While we wait for that, are you ready to taste something truly delicious?   Check out the wonderful chocolate selection at Drexelius Chocolates and enjoy incredible chocolate today!

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