Stainer – Venezuela

StainerAndrea Stainer is an Italian chocolate maker out of Tuscany that is making it’s way into the US market.  They have a large selection of chocolate bars that range from traditional, organic and single origin to alcohol and chili infused.  The 1.75 oz bars are wrapped with orange cellophane wrappers and packaged in pretty little boxes.

Even though there was a good selection of interesting flavored bars by Stainer, I wanted to taste their dark chocolate without any other additions.  So I picked up the Venezuelan bar with the pretty flowers on the front.  When you check the back of the box, it’s just the ingredients in four different languages.  No tasting notes or paragraphs talking about distant mountain treks and roasting techniques.

The bar is dark and molded into easy-to-break segments. It has a sweet scent and the melt is quite easy and smooth.  It actually reminds me of Dove, but just a step above.  Sweet, pleasant, creamy with an ever-so-slight hint of plum.  I guess that is what they meant by “Gusto Rotondo” on the package, which translates to “round taste.”  It is very round, no outstanding flavors.

For the cost of the bar, I personally would not buy this bar again.  I might check out one of their infused bars, but I was not impressed by this bar at all.  If you are looking for an incredible taste experience, check out Drexelius Chocolates and buy some chocolate today that will let your tastebuds know you care!

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