Casa don Puglisi – Cinnamon Chocolate

Casa Don Puglisi 45% Cinnamon packagingOn one of my (many) chocolate expeditions I came across Casa don Puglisi from Modica, Italy.  These unpretentious bars are wrapped in simple, thick parchment paper and tied with string.  I decided for the 45% chocolate and cinnamon bar.  The ingredients are as simple as the packaging:  cane sugar, cocoa paste and cinnamon –> (the paste contains both the cocoa solids and cocoa butter).

These chocolate bars are made in the Aztec tradition, creating a rustic, grainy chocolate. The most unique thing about them is the chocolate’s opaque patina that comes from its cold production process which maintains the full flavor of each ingredient.  Instead of heating the cocoa paste and possibly disturbing the flavor, the cocoa paste is put through a painstaking hands-on method of being cold pressed with the sugar granules.  The bars are not heated or conched and have no added flavors or fillers.  Just the raw ingredients mashed together.

Puglisi cinnamon bar up closeWhen you open the wrapping, the sweet aroma immediately hits you.  The bar is weighty, dark and beautifully marked with delicate speckles of cocoa butter blooms.  Normally blooming is not something we look for to since it means the cocoa butter has separated out from the bar.  This bar made me say, “Oh, wow.  How pretty!”

As for taste…well you’ll have to wait on that.  We’re going to match it up against the Taza Chocolate Mexicano Cinnamon disk in our South of the Border Taste Off.  Join us for a rousing good time!

This treat will be a find for any chocolate lover!  For more incredible chocolate, visit Drexelius Chocolates.

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3 Responses to Casa don Puglisi – Cinnamon Chocolate

  1. Gina says:

    where can I buy this chocolate Don Puglisi??? I can’t seem to find it.

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