Using Cheap Chocolate in Recipes

Q:  I am making a recipe out of a baking book.  It suggests that I use the best possible chocolate for the recipe. Will it make a big difference if I use a cheaper brand or a lower percentage? Will the recipe come out the same?

Drexelius ChocolatesA:  We all know that eating and baking with good chocolate is an wonderful indulgence to be enjoyed whenever possible.  I have made many recipes with both low quality and high quality chocolate.  The results come out much better when using high percentage premium chocolate.

The reason?  High percentage premium chocolate has a has increased amounts of cocoa and cocoa butter which result in a richer product.  This makes for better taste and consistency than when you use a less expensive brand of chocolate.  The reason I point out premium chocolate is that you want to make sure you are using a quality chocolate that has not been overprocessed.  A great premium chocolate will add wonderful flavor to your recipe as well.

Cheaper chocolate will also not have as much real cocoa butter (if any at all).  Check the ingredients because they sometimes substitute cocoa butter for artificial substitutes like palm kernel oil, vegetable oil or butterfat.  Having less fat in the chocolate can make your chocolate clump or seperate when added to other ingredients.  It can also leave a waxy taste instead of a smooth, buttery mouthfeel.

You are looking to add richness and flavor to your recipe and using the best ingredients will offer you the best results.  Using cheaper chocolate won’t harm your recipe, but it won’t make it remarkable.  Our recent Brownie Battle is a great example of how premium chocolate makes your recipe shine.

Good luck.  If you are looking for some fantastic all natural chocolate for your recipe, check out the great selection at Drexelius Chocolates.  Let me know your results!

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