Reeses — Dark or Milk?

There has been some discussion with my friends about the new Reeses Dark.  I love Reeses…especially the mini Reeses.  Who can deny the wonderful taste combination of delicious chocolate and creamy peanut butter?  Many talked about making their own quick snack of chocolate chips and a jar of peanut butter just like I have been known to do over the years.

Reeses Milk & DarkStill, most everyone else seems to like the Reeses Dark.  I don’t.  I have yet to meet someone who feels the same as I do about the new dark candy (read my other post here).  Am I the only one who thinks this?  Maybe I got a bad batch.  Maybe something was just off that day.  It would be better to taste them side-by-side to get a better comparison.  That is what I will do today!

I have both of them in front of me.  The color difference is striking.  The milk chocolate has a lighter, carmel brown color.  The dark chocolate has a rich, deep ebony brown color making it hard to discern from the wrapper.  The ingredients (as listed on the package) are very similar:

Milk: Milk chocolate (sugar; cocoa butter; chocolate; nonfat milk; milk fat; lactose; soy lecithin; pgpr; emulsifier); peanuts; sugar; dextrose; salt; tbhq (preservative).

Dark: Semi-sweet chocolate (sugar; chocolate; cocoa butter; milk fat; soy lecithin; vanillin; artificial flavor; pgpr; emulsifier; milk); peanuts; sugar; dextrose; salt; tbhq (preservative).

The sweet milk chocolate is blends well with the salty peanut butter.  A delicious pairing.  Good to the last bite.

The dark chocolate is flat and lacks any character.  You can’t taste the peanut butter or the salt.  There is no chocolate flavor.  Yes, it is less sweet than the milk chocolate, but the taste is so lifeless.  On my third bite, I decide not to have any more because it just doesn’t taste good enough to continue eating.

Taste and compare for yourself.  I would love to know your thoughts!

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