South of the Border Taste Off

In the South of the Border Taste Off we are matching up the Taza Mexicano Cinnamon disks against the Casa don Puglisi Cinnamon bar.  Both are made in traditional styles, but Puglisi is cold processed.

Taza roasts their beans before grinding them on antique Mexican molinos (stone mills).  Then they combine the ground cocoa with pure, organic cane on the same stone mills.  The natural texture definitely shines through and the flavor is unmistakable.

Puglisi does not roast their beans, which is why they stress the cold processing.  They follow Aztec tradition by grinding the fermented beans by hand on a stone and then adding cane sugar to the mix.  This lengthy and hands-on method delivers a unique bar.

We already covered some of the differences of these bars in a previous post, but never got around to the taste.  Today we will!  First up is the Taza disk.  The disk is nicely divided for easy breaking and you see the sugar grains and feel it in your fingertips.  The scent is sweet.  The chocolate melts slowly…the sugar grains are rough on the tongue.  The chocolate is really sweet with a light cinnamon note.  For me, the chocolate flavor is lost in the sweetness.

Casa Don Puglisi 45% Cinnamon packagingNow for Puglisi.  This bar is molded like a bar of gold and is a little harder to break into a bite-size piece without taking a knife to it.  The scent reminds me of sweet hot cocoa.  The chocolate looks almost like air has been whipped through it, very granular.  The bar has just the right amount of sweet, with a nice deep cocoa flavor.  I like the grainy texture of this bar.  The sugar crystals are not overwhelmingly sweet or too large and doesn’t overpower the chocolate flavor.

If anyone knows, we do.  Just like these two bars, people’s tastes are different.  Check out the current selection at Drexelius Chocolates to find a delicious chocolate bar that will hit the spot!

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