Grab That Ring and Reap the Benefits!

  • Going back to the store.  Hope it’s still there!  I passed up an item and decided that I really want it.  They don’t have it any more…
  • That guy at the party last night was really cute and so nice!  Dang.  I should have given him my number…
  • Going to dinner with friends.  Mexican again???  I guess so…


Have you ever had moments like these?  Do they happen often?  I hope not!  Grab that ring when it passes by.  I hope you let others know what you think and give your opinion.  You don’t have to be selfish or greedy or rude, but you know better than anyone what (or who) you like.  Speak up!

What’s that?  You say you are shy.  Well, get over it!  You say you can get by without it.  Do you like running around with holes on the elbows of your shirt?  Stop being a martyr and treat yourself!

Then you can have that shirt in the size (and color!) you want.  Get a beer with that hottie and see what happens next!  Let your friends know that you don’t want Mexican this time, but are up for Thai or pizza.  Everyone benefits.

Enjoy life.  Treat yourself and each other well.  Speak up and be heard.  Savor delicious chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates and discover the deliciousness that awaits you today 🙂

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