New Chocolate Arrivals!

Drexelius ChocolatesPeople ask how I find new items.  It seems that I carry things that no one else has in stock.  I keep up on new trends or go to shows and try different stuff.  Believe me…there are some things you don’t want to try.  I have had it all from obnoxious flavors to overly sweet to what-where-they-thinking?  The ones that catch my attention get put in front of you in the selection at Drexelius Chocolates.

New items have come in that I know you will really love.   We are now carrying Jade Chocolates!  We have two of their wonderful tea infused chocolates -> one dark and one milk.  Genmai has delicious roasted brown rice.  Dragon’s Breath has an incredible spicy kick.  Enjoy these bars today!

We also have a decadent chocolate balsamic from Vervacious.  You read that right…chocolate and balsamic!  The pairing is exquisite and you will find more uses for it than you can imagine.  We had some last night on ice cream -> WOW!  This is a perfect item for gifts.

Our stock changes to fit the yummy things we find.  Let me know if you aren’t finding something you want at Drexelius Chocolates.

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