Kit Kat Dark

Besides Reese’s cups, I have a fondness for Kit Kat.  I love the crispy crunch and chocolate mix.  Simple.  Delicious.  You saw what happened when the Reese’s Dark came out and I compared it to the milk chocolate Reese’s.  My excitement was soon crushed (read the post here).

Kit Kat DarkNow Nestle is waving dark chocolate under our noses with the Kit Kat Dark bar!  My boyfriend bought the Kit Kat dark in Germany about a month ago.  He thought it was gross so he didn’t bring me one and brought me other chocolate instead.  Then he found out I love Kit Kat and he went on a mad search to find the dark bar for me.  Will I be disappointed with this bar like the Reese’s Dark?  Why do they do this to me???  I am excited, but hesitant.  I have been burned before…

The bar was made/packaged in the UK.  You can tell from the Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) nutrition chart, which is primarily UK based.  It also shows off that it was voted Product of the Year in a 2008 British Consumer Survey of Product Innovation (12008 people surveyed) -> winner of the Chocolate Confectionery Category.

Reading the ingredients I am not surprised to find sugar at the top of the list.  I am encouraged otherwise.  It does have quite a few lesser quality fats in addition to cocoa butter (butterfat, vegetable fat), but this is candy.  Not chocolate.  Onward!  When you open the wrapper you see a nice dark chocolate that has a pleasant aroma.  A little sweet and fruity.  The chocolate must have quite a bit of fat because breaking off a bar is easy.

Now for the test!!  The chocolate is smooth, creamy and the mild fruitiness still remains.  The chocolate is thick around the wafers, not a thin coating.  The wafers are light and add a delicate crunch.  This is a really nice candy bar!

Kit Kat Dark Ingredients – UK product (as listed on the package):

    Dark Chocolate (66%) [sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, butterfat, soya lecithin], wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, whey powder, dried skim milk, yeast, sodium bicarbonate, lactose, calcium sulphate, butterfat, salt, soya lecithin, E476, flavouring

Good work, Nestle!  You have restored my faith in the candy world.

If you are looking for real chocolate instead of candy, check out Drexelius Chocolates.  Always delicious and 100% natural.

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