Friends, Chocolate and Stress

Don’t you love getting together with your friends?  To play cards.  To go dancing.  To just hang around and talk over a drink.  It can be hard with life moving so fast.  Thankfully, we seem to find a way to fit those wonderful times in.  It is especially important for women.  Studies show why women meet up –> it reduces stress.  Sounds simple enough, but it goes deeper than just getting together to gossip.

Stress frayed nervesWhen people experience stress, they experience a rush of hormones into the body which help them decide whether to fight or flee.  Thanks to this ancient survival tactic we have made it this far!  Oxytocin (aka the cuddle or bonding hormone)  is the hormone which acts in tandem with estrogen.  This hormone actually suppresses the “fight or flight” response and encourages women to gather and look after others.  This counters stress and creates a calming environment.

This makes total sense.  When I was given uninspiring medical news years ago, I handled the stress by talking with my family and friends.  It helped me see all aspects of the situation and understand what I was going to deal with much better than if I had holed up and talked to no one or tried to figure it out myself.  Family and friends have helped me through countless situations with their strength, comfort and support.  Thanks, everyone!  When was the last time you got together with your friends?  Friends help us live longer, better lives.

What does chocolate have to do with stress?  Chocolate helps reduce stress by increasing endorphins, which work to lessen pain and decrease stress.  It also boosts serotonin in the brain, which is an anti-depressant.  Just make sure you are buying good stuff -> eating junk will just make you feel worse.

Remind your friends how much you care with a special gift of premium all natural chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates.  Or make your next get together extra special with a chocolate tasting event!  Chocolate + Friends = Fantastic!

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