Wen In Denver…

I was lucky to visit Denver this past weekend.  A few years ago, I heard about a company called Wen Chocolates in Denver and had really loved their truffles.  So while I was in the area we made a point to stop by the store.  It is a little place downtown situated next to the Savory Spice Shop.  Wonderful placement, in my opinion.

The man behind the counter was Loren Penton, an enthusiastic and vibrant man.  I could tell by the few minutes we talked that he really had passion for the craft and knew what it was about.  We joked about a Guittard chocolate that we both love, how we hoard it for ourselves and hope to get more soon.  The little store quickly filled with customers eager to buy the beautiful truffles, so my boyfriend and I moved out of the way to drool and decide which we would taste.

Let me start by saying I am not a truffle person.  I am not a fan because they love to add alcohol and usually it overpowers the chocolate and other flavors, in my opinion.  So I stick with bars, but enjoy trying truffles for fun.  Wen makes wonderful truffles.  They use E. Guittard chocolate for their couverture and give it just the right thickness -> it’s not flimsy, weak or too dense.   The truffle itself has a smooth, creamy consistency so it is not oozing or dripping all over the place.  The truffles are artfully presented, making it harder to decide which ones to pick!

Our favorite was the Oshun.  The ganache is melded with honey, cinnamon, and orange then topped with candied citrus zest.  The flavors blended so beautifully that it made us stop to try and capture it again.  My boyfriend also liked the Bananas Foster.  It has William’s Wicked caramel and a milk chocolate ganache with toasted Saigon cinnamon all under a banana chip.

They make and carry more than just truffles.  Wen also has ginger coated in chocolate, Rachel Ann’s toffee and handmade chocolate bars.  If you are in Denver, make sure to stop by the shop, get your little pieces of heaven and say hello to Wen Chocolates!  Tell them you read about it on the Drexelius Chocolates blog 🙂

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