Thanksgiving and Chocolate

It’s about time that something is costing us less.  It seems that for a while we have been paying more for items.  Gas prices increased and so did food prices along with travel expenses like airfare.  I recently read an article about Thanksgiving dinner.  It said the menu items for a classic Thanksgiving dinner for 10 dropped 4% in price this year from last -> Yahoo!

In the list of dinner items, they did include pumpkin pie.  I personally like pecan pie more so this will probably add a bit more cost to my dinner, but it will be well worth it!  Warm pecans and decadent chocolate…mmmmmmm!  I am already hungry for it.

Do you have a favorite dessert?  Do you go for pumpkin?  Or maybe apple?  How about berry tart?

If any of your desserts have chocolate, make sure to check out the fantastic selection at Drexelius Chocolates and order some today to make your dessert incredibly memorable!

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