Social Chocolate

Now that the holidays are here things feel rushed, rushed, rushed.  Why?  Maybe it’s because there are so many things we try to do or people we try to see all crammed into the next few weeks.  Holiday parties to attend.  There are dinner gatherings and drink socials to enjoy.  Plus shopping and cooking and all of the other wonderful holiday festivities!

This is just a reminder to slow down just a bit.  Take some time to relax with your family and friends.  Heck, some of them you don’t get to see very often, right?  Now that you’ve managed to get together, enjoy the time to catch up and find out what’s been going on.

Some people are uncomfortable in social settings.  Who will be there that I know?  If I don’t know them, how do I know what to say?  There are others that are thinking the same things!  Breaking the ice helps others feel more at ease so just start talking or ask a question:

  • How do you know (the hosts)?
  • Did you get some of that incredible casserole?
  • Have you tried your wine with the chocolate brownies?  Yum!!

Another great idea is to talk to people you don’t usually get a chance to see or that you haven’t gotten to know well.  Instead of moving to familiar territory once you step in the door and talking to your brother or another close friend all night, look for the people you don’t talk to much.  Strike up a conversation and see where it takes you!  You don’t have to talk for hours your first time out.  Plus, you don’t want to keep them away from other guests.  Getting to know someone takes time and now you have started the process 🙂

Chocolate is an easy conversation starter.  So use it to your advantage!  Bring a delicious chocolate gift box or tasting set for your hosts and hope they break it out for everyone to enjoy -> bonus!  Drexelius Chocolates has many incredible chocolate offerings that will delight both giver and recipient.  Order some from our selection today and be ready to hit your social season!

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