Anise + Chocolate

Have you ever enjoyed Black Jack gum?  Created back in 1884, it was the first flavored gum in the US and also the first gum to be offered in sticks.  Black Jack is still being sold today.  What flavor is it?  Aniseed.

Anise (aka aniseed) is a sweet and aromatic herb, which is well known for its licorice-like flavor.  Virgil’s Root Beer uses it as an ingredient and it is used all over the world in various foods and liquors.

Anise also helps with some medicinal needs.  It has been found to:

  • treat digestive problems, colds and flu
  • relieve menstrual cramps
  • freshen breath
  • relieve toothache

A wise Italian doctor took this knowledge and produced the incredibly delicious BruCo Anise chocolate bar for her patients.  Creamy dark chocolate is blended with aniseed to create savory bliss.

Here are some great ways we have found to indulge our need for this bar:

  • Savor it straight out of the box
  • Add it to a brownie mix or fondue
  • Enjoy it with coffee or wine

People hesitate when they hear the bar has anise, but once they taste it they become one more in a legion of fans.  So buy this bar today from Drexelius Chocolates and experience all natural chocolate deliciousness at its best.

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