Win the Gift Gamble

Giving gifts.  To anyone, anytime of year, for any reason.  Gifts happen.  Babies are born.  People get married.  Someone hosts you while you are in town.  Thanks for watching my cat.  Just because.

Buying gifts can be a gamble.  Will they use it?  Like it?  Need it?  Color?  Size?  Do you go with the thought that they can just return it?  For some people returning items is a big hassle so your gift ends up in the closet, regifted or at Goodwill.  If you don’t want your gift to go into the Gift Abyss take extra time to pick something you think they’ll like or need or use.

I am a thoughtful gift giver, but I’ve run into problems here and there.  A friend loved using a certain gadget at a friend’s house.  So I bought him one.  He hasn’t used it since and he’s had it for years.  It sits collecting dust…in the abyss.  Even though he says he really likes it, he just doesn’t use it.

Or there are items that are forgotten.  Have you ever been looking for one thing only to find yourself saying, “Wow, I totally forgot I had this!” when you find another item that you didn’t remember you had?  How did it end up there?  Why was it forgotten?  Do you not need it or like it?

Well, I can tell you from experience that you can give gifts that people will really love and use and won’t end up in the back of the closet.  What is this gift?  Chocolate.  Become a gifting genius and put the odds back in your favor.  Added benefits:

  • this gift is great anytime, for lots of occasions
  • no size or color issues
  • affordable
  • you know it will be incredibly delicious when it comes from Drexelius Chocolates 🙂

Our unique selection of all natural chocolate offers tastes and flavors you can’t find at the local store.  We’ve searched the world to bring you the very best chocolate and these incredible bars are right at your fingertips!  Raise your odds of giving great gifts and give chocolate -> a gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated.

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