Receiving Gifts You Hate

Oh!  You shouldn’t have (really)…a gift!  (Drat.)  Why the dread?  Well, some people are not very good gift givers.  Now it’s time to open the gift while the person is here and feign excitement and interest.

How often has it happened to you?  Don’t tell me never.  It happens at least once and probably all too often.  Even though people give gifts with the best intentions, we all receive gifts we will never use or even like.  What to do?  The problem is compounded when the gift giver expects the gift to be opened right then and wants an instant reaction.  Yay for gifts.

Getting gifts from people we love or respect is tough.  If you want to be kind and accepting of their thoughtfulness and generosity without hurting their feelings, then do the following:

    1)  When you get a gift, you are probably smiling.  Since your initial reaction is key, stop smiling while opening it until the gift is revealed.   Losing a smile when seeing the present will show your dislike, which is not the goal. 

    2)  Work hard to identify the object, which is half the battle.  If that proves difficult, pick an adjective.  “How fuzzy!”

    3)  State why you love or could use the object.  “I love orange and this will come in handy!”

    4)  Thank them for the gift and make sure to respect the item.  Don’t just toss it aside, let the dog carry it away or throw it in the fire.

You might want to ask some follow up questions about where they found such a wonderful gift or what (good god, WHAT) might have made them this particular gift for you?  If there is any chocolate in the room divert their attention and offer them some!  Thank goodness you have Drexelius Chocolates on hand.  Order some incredible chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates and feel great about giving a gift you know will be appreciated and enjoyed.

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