Worth Their Salt

Ahhhh.  Salt.

Salt has been a part of human existence almost from the start. About 4000 years ago, China pioneered salt production by sinking deep bamboo shafts to extract brine and boil it. In West Africa, caravans trekked the Saharan deserts trading salt ounce-for-ounce for gold.

Europe has many examples of salt history. In ancient Rome, soldiers were paid partly with salt rations, which is the forerunner to our modern day “salary.” “Via Salaria” is the famous Roman road used specifically for transporting salt!

Add a sprinkle of salt to your freshly grilled meat or vegetables and their natural flavor shines.  It is a normal ingredient in lots of recieps including cookies, cakes and brownies, but people seem to question pairing it with chocolate.  “Really?” they say.   Oh, yes!  Check out these fantastic chocolate bars from Drexelius Chocolates and taste the deliciousness for yourself:

the wonderful BruCo salt and chocolate tasting bar

the divine Nirvana Caramel and Sea Salt bar

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